It will be faster for sure, especially when the majority of Americans finally find out the major food companies have been feeding them and their families industrial goop disguised as food. It feels great to be raising awareness around an issue people have fought against for years. I’ve heard from commenters on the petition and readers of my blog that since signing, they’re starting to look at the ingredient lists on the packaged products they buy, to see what’s in there. People are sending me pictures of their jarred pickles and dinner rolls and asking “Why the heck does this have artificial food dyes?”

Boycotts of the companies that use questionable ingredients have already started by many people and they will grow even larger, if companies don’t change. It’s just a matter of time before the entire country wakes up and the food industry is exposed to such a degree that the average person can’t help but know what’s going on.I know I would have never got into meet with Kraft had it not been for social media pressure. A few hours before heading to the headquarters to drop off the petitions, I posted a message on facebook asking fans to call the headquarters on my behalf to ask Kraft to meet with me. I wasn’t the only one who did this, several other food advocates shared this message with their fans too. I didn’t know at the time, but this tactic ended up being one of the most powerful social media events I have ever witnessed. I believe the persistence and calls of supporters that day is what led nike air max 97 Kraft to finally agree to sit down with me.



Even though Kraft hasn’t agreed to removing dyes yet other companies have made changes due to social media pressure.nikeairmaxzeroaustralia Chipotle recently released their entire ingredient list, after previously refusing to disclose it. It was after a post I wrote going viral plus a petition that started as a result that eventually got them to cave. I know the grassroots efforts by everyday people is what will eventually lead to a fully transparent and safe food system and I won’t stop until nike careers I see that day. I can imagine it now. It’s going to be great.

RO:”Pink slime” made the news in 2012 when microbiologists at the USDA gave it that unforgettable name. Do you think that there are scientists inside the FDA who share the concern around artificial food dyes? I’m sure there are, but they are likely being kept quiet due to big corporate money and lobbying efforts. The FDA has not required further testing on dyes since their inception or reacted favorably to petitions in the past. In fact, they continue to allow the dyes to run rampant in our food supply and increase nike cortez white year by year despite the regulations taking place across the globe. But, even though the FDA has technically approved artificial dyes they also admit there may be an association with behavioral issues in children:



to food and food components, including AFC [artificial food colors] and preservatives,may be associated with behavioral changes, not necessarily related tohyperactivity, in certain susceptible children with ADHD and other problembehaviors, and possibly in susceptible children from the generalpopulation.nikehuaracheblackaustralia How can we trust the FDA to stay up to date on the harm of all these dyes, when food companies are the ones influencing their decisions?I asked Kraft during my meeting with them “why they spent 10 million dollars (over the last 5 years) lobbying the FDA”they obviously didn’t answer that.

RO:What was harder: nike mk2 tekno learning that the companies do things differently in other countries or learning that food agencies do things differently?I know that the FDA has not been making the best decisions for American’s health for sometime now. For example, they allowed the wide spread use of GMOs in our food supply without requiring independent long term animal or human testing. GMOs are created in a laboratory by injecting DNA from one species or virus into another, they are not made in nature and over 60 countries regulate or label them, yet the FDA hasn’t listened to over a million people who signed a petition asking for labeling. Because of this, I knew right off the bat I wasn’t going to get far with the FDA.However, finding out that American companies reformulate the exact same products we consume without harmful ingredients overseas was shocking. It is a completely immoral business practice that has to stop. Given the resources and tools now available to us through social media, how quickly do you think we can see this change?

What’s really concerning is the rise in cancer here in America. For example the President’s Cancer Panel predicts that 41% of us will have cancer in our lifetime. If these dyes are contaminated with carcinogens (substances that cause cancer), why are companies using them in food at an increasingly alarming rate?Besides the antidotal evidence of dyes being harmful is overwhelming, the sheer amount of letters I have received from Americans all over the country (children with hyperactivity symptoms, allergies and asthma) is heartbreaking.RO:Kraft reformulated their products, because food agencies in other countries require a warning label on products when they contain artificial dyes. Why do they have the responsibility to remove dyes here and not the FDA?

When Kraft found out the safety of artificial food dyes was in question in Europe, they choose to put the safety of US citizens on the back burner. Food is food whether in our country or someone else’s why wouldn’t Kraft standardize all of their products to the highest safety regulation across the board?Kraft was able to reformulate their products without artificial dyes in the UK without noticeably changing the color or taste we even taste tested it the Mac Cheese from the UK ourselves just to prove this point (and Dr. Oz did too on his show).



Kraft actually reformulated not just Mac Cheese, nike australia but almost their entire line of products sold in Europe without dyes.cheapnikeshoxaustralia Because Kraft has not willingly and proactively reformulated their products in the US, it’s obvious to me that Kraft’s highest priority is their bottom line and they further proved this point when I met with them in Chicago after delivering thousands of petition signatures to their front door. They told me nike casual shoes at the end of the meeting that they are listening to their customers (the ones that are still unknowingly buying Mac Cheese with dyes) and that we would have to “agree to disagree.

On top of that, we are also learning that our very own American corporations formulate their products differently for eaters in other countries. In other words, in a lot of cases, they don use these artificial or synthetic ingredients in the same products that they sell overseas. They will say it is because different food agencies have different standards, and they are simply adhering to the standards of any given agency in any given country, but the bottom line is their focus and cheaper, artificial ingredients drive profitability. This is discriminatory, given that all eaters in the UK are afforded the opportunity to consume their product without these artificial ingredients, so I asked Vani, aka Babe, to answer a few questions and to share her thoughts below.

RO: You’ve made a lot of headlines with your efforts to get Kraft to pull artificial dyes from their signature products. What started it?I recently discovered that several American food companies are using harmful additives that are not used and in some cases banned in other countries.nikeblazeraustralia One of those products is an iconic staple that almost every American, me included, has had at one time or another: Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. I found it hypocritical that Kraft was selling Mac Cheese overseas with natural dyes paprika and beta carotene (real food) and meanwhile, here they were selling petroleum based food dyes (yellow 5 and yellow 6) to nike boots their fellow Americans. This double standard made not only me angry, but over 280,000 people who signed our petition.



RO: Many Americans are unaware that artificial dyes used to color our foods are derived from petroleum, what was your reaction when you first learned this?I was sick to my stomach. Who wants to eat petroleum based products that are contaminated with carcinogens? nike bottle I don’t know anyone who would want to feed ingredients like that to themselves or their children once they find out how artificial colors are made. Several major food companies are profiting big time by replacing real food with artificial colored “food like” substances. Because of this, consumption of food dyes has increased 5 fold since 1955 up from 3 million to 15 million pounds per year 90% of which are Yellow 5, Yellow 6, and Red 40.

Put has attended ice hockey, biathlon and figure skating events and as far as the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is concerned, his frequent appearances are doing the Games only good.He is clearly a big sports fan which adds to that (presence),” IOC spokesman Mark Adams told reporters on Monday.“It is good to have the support of the head of state of the country and we are very happy for his support.Ever since Sochi was surprisingly awarded the Olympics in 2007 following a powerful address by Putin himself to IOC members at their session in Guatemala, the Games at the Black Sea resort have been viewed with suspicion.Organizers had to build every venue from scratch and the announcement that total investment would exceed $50 billion nike dfo brisbane triggered further negative headlines.



Putin had personally overseen preparations, publicly sacked top officials and wooed the IOC during its inspection visits over the years.For him the Games were more important as a political and diplomatic tool it seemed than a purely sporting event.Adams said he could only compare his presence in Sochi anecdotally with the London 2012 Games where both Queen Elizabeth and Prime Minister David Cameron put in appearances.These were, however, far more infrequent than the Russian leader’s.So were Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and while Silvio Berlusconi, at the time Italian Prime Minister, was hardly to be seen at the 2006 Turin winter Games.

“Putin is at the top.nikecortezaustralia The Sochi Games are his Games,” a senior Russian sports official told Reuters on condition of anonymity. “He is in complete control.”
On a Mission to Change Kraft Americans are quickly learning that there are a lot of ingredients that are used in our foods that have not been proven safe and are not used in foods in other countries. nike cap From slime to corn engineered to produce its own insecticide, our food is increasingly laced with artificial ingredients without our knowledge.

Above all, a review is needed because the Bank appears to be repeating the same mistakes that were made in the run up to the recession, which is hardly surprising given that all the same people remain in charge. Why? An exchange from last year. fault lies with George Osborne,In his budget speech last month, Chancellor George Osborne suggested that he was hoping for economy where the growth happens across the country and across all sectors. That is our ambition Sadly, to judge by Wednesday GDP figures, growth under this coalition remains just an ambition, a mere illusion. The British economy has not grown at all over the last six months, it has flatlined and is stagnant, simple as that. In contrast the economy grew by 1.8% over the previous two quarters of 2010, when the previous Labour government policies still had a strong influence.

This is not news as David Cameron astonishingly claimed at prime minister questions where he was accused by the Labour leader, Ed Miliband, of complacency In fact it is disastrous. It is time the prime minister stopped the spin and recognised that the government economic policies are not working.nikecortezultraaustralia The sad truth is that the data is going to worsen a lot in the second and third quarters of this year and into next as the austerity measures hit. times they are a changing, but not for the better. It time for a rethink, George, if you want to keep your job.



Omnipresent Putin keeps IOC,SOCHI, Russia (Reuters) Russian President Vladimir Putin seems to be everywhere at the Sochi Olympics these days, whether it is the competition venues, team headquarters or even posing for pictures with sports fans and volunteers.The leader’s presence at Russia’s first Winter Olympics was always going to be top news given the country’s human rights record, its frosty ties with the United States and nike customise the controversial anti gay nike dualtone racer propaganda law.And with his official plane parked on a runway just a stone’s throw from the venues and visible from the nearby streets, Putin is relishing the spotlight.