on baby bonding,yea it’s a little confusing if you’re not familar with the laws etc. The additional bonding 6 weeks is paid. The amount will be the same as the STD amount you were receiving. The 12 weeks FMLA is NOT paid. That just protects your job,position benefits. I was a little confused too. I just finished my first 6 weeks of the maternity leave and sent in my paperwork for the bonding nike basketball shoes time. My employer was ok with the full 6 weeks. They will send you the paperwork for bonding time when you receive your final check from STD. Hope this info helps,So here’s how it breaks down in total:

Maternity leave aka STD most qualify for 4 weeks prior to the due date and an average of 6 weeks after if vaginal delivery or 8 weeks if c sec (total is anywhere between 10 12 weeks); eligible for disability pay the entire period FMLA aka bonding leave 12 weeks within the first year after birth of child, 6 weeks of which paid by the state (same amount as your disability checks),So you really are eligible for anywhere from 22 24 weeks of leave. I am taking 22 weeks because I had a vag delivery. You should be able to tell from your paycheck if you have deductions.

If you have not been paying into it, you would not be eligible for the 6 weeks paid family leave (during baby bonding) through the state.nikeairmaxtnsaustralia Unless, you had worked for another employer and paid into SDI at some point during the 12 months prior to the claim you only need to have paid in during one quarter to be eligible. Confusing, I know. If there is even a possibility that you may be eligible I recommend submitting the claim to EDD anyway.So i am still kind of confused. If i haven’t been putting money from my check into nike australia SDI then i am not elligable for paid leave through the state of california? My work is allowing me the full 22 or however many weeks off while still holding my position but i thought i was elligable for the 4 weeks before the 12 weeks after and then the 6 weeks for the bonding time all paid. I have been looking for other answers to help me but i am still not getting it. Sorry pregnant brain, haha! Also how and when should i apply for this? I was told to do it sooner then the 30 days before the due date to get it going but i was not sure if i can do it sooner and if i can how and where? If anyone could help me out i would appreciate it! This is my first child so this is all very new to me!! Thanks guys!!!