It will be faster for sure, especially when the majority of Americans finally find out the major food companies have been feeding them and their families industrial goop disguised as food. It feels great to be raising awareness around an issue people have fought against for years. I’ve heard from commenters on the petition and readers of my blog that since signing, they’re starting to look at the ingredient lists on the packaged products they buy, to see what’s in there. People are sending me pictures of their jarred pickles and dinner rolls and asking “Why the heck does this have artificial food dyes?”

Boycotts of the companies that use questionable ingredients have already started by many people and they will grow even larger, if companies don’t change. It’s just a matter of time before the entire country wakes up and the food industry is exposed to such a degree that the average person can’t help but know what’s going on.I know I would have never got into meet with Kraft had it not been for social media pressure. A few hours before heading to the headquarters to drop off the petitions, I posted a message on facebook asking fans to call the headquarters on my behalf to ask Kraft to meet with me. I wasn’t the only one who did this, several other food advocates shared this message with their fans too. I didn’t know at the time, but this tactic ended up being one of the most powerful social media events I have ever witnessed. I believe the persistence and calls of supporters that day is what led nike air max 97 Kraft to finally agree to sit down with me.



Even though Kraft hasn’t agreed to removing dyes yet other companies have made changes due to social media pressure.nikeairmaxzeroaustralia Chipotle recently released their entire ingredient list, after previously refusing to disclose it. It was after a post I wrote going viral plus a petition that started as a result that eventually got them to cave. I know the grassroots efforts by everyday people is what will eventually lead to a fully transparent and safe food system and I won’t stop until nike careers I see that day. I can imagine it now. It’s going to be great.