RO:”Pink slime” made the news in 2012 when microbiologists at the USDA gave it that unforgettable name. Do you think that there are scientists inside the FDA who share the concern around artificial food dyes? I’m sure there are, but they are likely being kept quiet due to big corporate money and lobbying efforts. The FDA has not required further testing on dyes since their inception or reacted favorably to petitions in the past. In fact, they continue to allow the dyes to run rampant in our food supply and increase nike cortez white year by year despite the regulations taking place across the globe. But, even though the FDA has technically approved artificial dyes they also admit there may be an association with behavioral issues in children:



to food and food components, including AFC [artificial food colors] and preservatives,may be associated with behavioral changes, not necessarily related tohyperactivity, in certain susceptible children with ADHD and other problembehaviors, and possibly in susceptible children from the generalpopulation.nikehuaracheblackaustralia How can we trust the FDA to stay up to date on the harm of all these dyes, when food companies are the ones influencing their decisions?I asked Kraft during my meeting with them “why they spent 10 million dollars (over the last 5 years) lobbying the FDA”they obviously didn’t answer that.

RO:What was harder: nike mk2 tekno learning that the companies do things differently in other countries or learning that food agencies do things differently?I know that the FDA has not been making the best decisions for American’s health for sometime now. For example, they allowed the wide spread use of GMOs in our food supply without requiring independent long term animal or human testing. GMOs are created in a laboratory by injecting DNA from one species or virus into another, they are not made in nature and over 60 countries regulate or label them, yet the FDA hasn’t listened to over a million people who signed a petition asking for labeling. Because of this, I knew right off the bat I wasn’t going to get far with the FDA.However, finding out that American companies reformulate the exact same products we consume without harmful ingredients overseas was shocking. It is a completely immoral business practice that has to stop. Given the resources and tools now available to us through social media, how quickly do you think we can see this change?